Episode 04 - Max Cue

Guest of the week: DJ and producer Max Cue prepared a beautiful progressive set!


  • 01. Cream & Deep Fog - The Shadows Of The Wind (Mou. Remix)
  • 02. Guy J - Nirvana
  • 03. William Forest & Max Cue - Blighted Shade (Namatjira Remix)
  • 04. East Cafe - One Silent Cloudburst
  • 05. Steve Ness & Anthony Nitti - A False Balance (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
  • 06. Kieran J - Color Transitions (Namatjira Remix)
  • 07. Ad Brown - Calibre
  • 08. Dmitry Molosh - Blizzard (Silinder Remix)
  • 09. Martin DP - Uno Y El Universo (Bruno Caro Remix)
  • 10. Kasall & Cristian R ft. Amber Long - My Soul (Dustin Nantais Remix)

Artist Information

Max Cue

A thoroughbred pedigree to his name, the unassuming Andy Verschaeren has continued to triumph in an ever-changing world of underground dance music through his Max Cue production soubriquet. The Belgian artist, from the historic port city of Antwerp, has been at the forefront of both the DJ and production arena in both his hometown and the European stage since 2009.

Drawing inspiration from such diverse influences as Apparat, Jamie Jones and Johan Sebastian Bach, Max Cue’s appetite is unsurpassed. “Obsessed with music since the age of 12”, he has entertained and energised audiences in Cologne, Paris and Marseille at clubs including Artheater and Spartacus, with a unique sound borne of a driving passion for the music he consistently creates to an uncompromisingly high standard.

As a producer, Max Cue’s list of accomplishments continues to grow by the month.

USA Import provided a solid foundation for an incipient production career in 2009 – a label with whom Verschaeren is proud to play a continued role – while 2010 also saw the vinyl release of the “Konsonanz” EP as Klangmodule in collaboration with good friend Metrobox. A plethora of high-profile imprints including Particles, Lowbit and Agara have played host to the Max Cue sound in 2014 and 2015 and subsequent production credits alongside Luis Junior and Paul Hazendonk in 2015, have also provided significant career highlights as production credits and supporters grow.

Furthermore, it was with Hazendonk’s Manual Music that Verschaeren saw the third Max Cue album released in 2014, following the “Define Life” and “Archangel” offerings in 2009 and 2011. Through “Mindfulness”, he was able to draw upon a connection with “nature in all its beauty”, recognising the importance of the friends and family around him and producing a work of poise, elegance and innovation. Going on to receive a CD production run and outstanding support in the process, “Mindfulness” represented a unique and remarkable moment in time.

Continuing to see his work signed to a variety of blue chip imprints throughout 2015, away from the spotlight, Max Cue has more recently began to branch out into the world of teaching and studio engineering. Drawing immense satisfaction from the perpetual process of honing his craft, a number of students have also begun to graduate under his auspices, releasing music of their own and providing the Belgian with a set of tools to shine in the glare of a constantly evolving industry.

Able to call upon Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo and Max Cooper as supporters of his music, Max Cue is thus part of a refreshing breed of unpretentious modern artists capable of producing sounds that continue to enthral and entrance fans in equal measures with a set of principles reflected in the music he creates.

James Warren