Episode 07 - Esotera

Born and bred Londoner Ed Worboys aka Esotera picked up his first vinyl in the early 2000s and soon became hooked to the underground sounds of jungle, drum n bass, hardcore and acid house. Fast forward to 2015 and his sound is firmly in the house and techno camp, blending the deep with the slamming, the euphoric with the dark.

His solo productions have got a distinctive sound, often incorporating dreamy harmonies, driving beats and intricate use of soundscapes, vocals and effects. Recently, collaborations with the @ViolentBlondes, among others, have brought out a harder side, featuring huge baselines and throwbacks to the acid sounds he grew up on.

As the grand prize winner in a recent Beatport Remix contest, Esotera will soon be released on Rob Garza’s (Thievery Corporation) new label Magnetic Moon Records. The tumbling deep house remix beat hundreds of entries and received critical acclaim from a panel of judges at a live event in San Francisco.

Esotera's extensive experience means he is comfortable playing a number of genres, from quality deep house to big room techno and virtually everything in between. Whatever the setting, whatever the vibe and no matter what time of night or day, audiences can rest assured they’ll witness a masterclass in track selection and technical ability with a passionate and knowledgable DJ at the helm.

Esotera hosts a weekly radio show every Tuesday on In House Radio (www.ihrlive.com & 87.7FM) from 9-11pm, featuring the best new house and techno and special guest appearances.

More information about Esotera can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud.


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